Vspec prides itself on offering a Repair Shop Network that’s sole focus is making sure the customer receives a high quality repair and excellent customer service.  That’s why, unlike a standard Direct Repair Program (DRP) our managed Repair Program (MRP) sees the complete repair process through to the end.  From the time we make initial contact with the owner until they pick up their unit from the shop and are completely satisfied with the repairs.

Why should I become a member?

How do I become a member?

To become a member you will be required to go through a two step process.  The 1st step is to register your shop in our system.  You can do this now by clicking on the "VENDORS" drop down above and selecting "Repair Facility Registration".  You will be asked basic information about your shop and the services you offer.  Once we receive this information it will be reviewed by our Vendor Management team.  We will determine if there is a fit or need in your specific area.

If Vspec feels there is a mutual fit for our companies, you will be invited via e-mail to enroll in our Repair Shop Network.  At this point you will be required to give more information about your company and have the opportunity to review our Terms and Conditions, Best Practices, and Operating Standards.  You will also be required to add Vspec as a Certificate Holder and Additional Insured on you policy.  Once submitted, our Vendor Management Team will conduct a final review of your shop and be in contact with you concerning membership.