Vendor FAQs

What is Vspec?

We are Vehicle Claim Specialists.  We represent a nationwide repair network designed to assist insurance companies and self insured fleets with collision losses.

How do I become a member?

To start, go to the “VENDORS” drop down above and select "Repair Facility Registration".  You will be asked some basic questions about your business.  We will then review the registration and invite you to enroll in our network.  There, we will be asking more detailed information about your facility and capabilities.  

Will Vspec come to my shop to appraise the damaged vehicle?

No.  Our program operates much like a Direct Repair Program.  As such, we do not appraise the damages; technically this is done by the repair shop.  Our role will be to evaluate the estimate for fairness and accuracy.

How does Vspec know what it takes to repair the damaged vehicle?

Knowledge and experience!  We employ technical staff that has hands on experience in repairing and estimating all types of vehicles.  When you are working with our team, you are working with professionals in the collision repair industry.

Who pays me?

Payments are made directly by the insurance carrier.  Vspec will contact the carrier with the agreed amount.  It is the shops responsibility to collect payment for repairs.

How do you handle supplements?

All supplements must be submitted to us for approval with supporting photos.  Simply click on the “File Upload” link on the top of this page and follow the instructions.  If you prefer, you can also e-mail us the information at or fax to (866) 375-4712. Please provide photos along with the supplement.  Once we receive your information you will be contacted by a Vspec representative.